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Antique Ash Decking Board 3.6Mx146mmx25mm Composite Wood Company

Antique Ash Decking Board 3.6Mx146mmx25mm Composite Wood Company

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Composite Decking

Love your garden with timber alternative, Composite Wood Decking.

Perfect for gardens, patios, pool areas and holiday homes composite decking is much more durable than timber. It is waterproof, splinter free and slip resistant making it the obvious choice your home.

Relax, it's low maintenance

Built to withstand your growing family, our composite wood has been time tested with children, bicycles, barbeques, party-goers and paddling pools.

Composite decking is a timber alternative made of 60% timber content, making it strong enough to withstand stilettos. Whilst at the same time it’s slip resistant and splinter-free making it safe for children and pets.

Don’t spend the first warm weekends of spring and summer re-staining your deck. Sit back on your new composite decking and watch your neighbours do theirs. Composite Wood is ultra-low maintenance, it doesn’t need staining, sealing or painting – so relax there’s no hard work to do here.

Decking Benefits

Installed quickly and easily for minimal inconvenience our decking options come with a whole host of benefits, discover more below.

  Splinter proof
  Choice of colours
  Slip Resistant

£20.00 excl. VAT

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