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Maxiflex Ultimate Nitrile ADAPT palm (all sizes) single pair

Maxiflex Ultimate Nitrile ADAPT palm (all sizes) single pair

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Designed and developed as a breathable glove, MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ has become the benchmark for precision handling in dry environments.

Lightweight breathable glove designed to provide the wearer with the ultimate dexterity and feel. Skin friendly, eliminates all traces of process chemicals and odours.

Now featuring ATG's integrated ADAPT technology. The world's first anti-perspirant glove, which boasts a 31% reduction in sweating vs standard gloves.

The ADAPT technology works in 3 easy steps:
Regulate, for a cooler glove experience. Microcapsules integrated into the glove liner are activated when the skin temperature rises, releasing a natural anti-perspirant that regulates perspiration to keep hands dry and make them cooler.
Ventilate, for a fresher glove experience. The AIRtech® technology used in the construction of the MaxiFlex® coating has a network of structured tunnels guaranteeing optimal air quality and temperature within the glove.
Circulate, for a productive glove experience. As your hands work they move forcing air out of the close fitting MaxiFlex® glove through the patented structured tunnels within the AIRtech® coating. This enables what we call 360° breathability to evacuate moisture to guarantee optimal air quality and temperature within which is now further enhanced through the inclusion of our new All Day Anti-Perspirant Technology, AD-APT®.

93% of people surveyed liked the cooling effect and thought it "felt natural".
85% of those surveyed noticed the scent of the All Day Anti-Perspirant Technology (AD-APT®) which they noted as "fresh, invigorating and hygienic".
77% noticed less sweating.

360° Breathability - Patented micro-foam nitrile coating offers 360° breathability, making it the most breathable glove on the market today.
25% Thinner - Than most foam nitrile gloves on the market whilst offering twice the mechanical performance.
Form, fit and feel - Mimics the "hand at rest”, reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort.
Latest knitting technology - Utilized to produce smooth and rounded fingertips, improving fingertip sensitivity.
Consistent liner penetration - from the nitrile, leaving only the soft liner resting against the skin.
Optimized grip - Delivered through our micro-cup finish allows for a controlled grip.

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