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Combo set 2.1 10.8v BS Quick + SSD 1 x 2.0Ah 1 x 4.0Ah, Quick Angle Att + Quick Chuck

Combo set 2.1 10.8v BS Quick + SSD 1 x 2.0Ah 1 x 4.0Ah, Quick Angle Att + Quick Chuck

PowerMaxx BS Quick Pro: With an overall length of 175mm the PowerMaxx BS Quick Pro is one of the smallest and most compact 10.8v drill/screwdriver on the Market, Furthermore the 10mm Quick chuck can be removed to reveal a hexagonal recess in the spindle for which you can use screw driver bits this reduces the overall length to 122mm which makes the PowerMaxx BS Quick pro the smallest 10.8v drill/screwdriver on the market, ideal for those tight and narrow spaces. The unique feature with the PowerMaxx BS Quick Pro is the Quick angle attachment, especially designed for drilling and screw driving in those hard to reach and awkward places. The PowerMaxx BS Quick Basic has a two speed gearbox delivering an impressive 34Nm of hard torque and a maximum speed of 1,400 rpm which will allow you to drill up to 22mm in soft wood and 10mm in steel. Other features include an LED working light, battery cell capacity indicator, and an adjustable belt hook which can be fitted either on the left of right hand side of the machine to enable hands free working. Supplied with 1 x 10.8 V 2.0 Ah battery and 1 x 10.8v 4.0Ah battery that are equipped with Metabo’s (ESCP) Electronic Single Cell Protection system, overload protection and thermal motor shut off. PowerMaxx SSD: The PowerMaxx SSD 10.8 is a light weight and compact impact driver with an impressive 105 Nm of torque and 3,000 bpm. With the PowerMaxx SSD you will be able to effortlessly drive home bolts and screws all day long. In fact, one single 2.0Ah battery pack will allow you to drive in a recorded 295, 5x25 mm screws. Dealing with larger timbers? No problem, one charge will enable you to drive in around 70, 8x80 mm screws.

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